What does HODL mean?

So to cut a long story short, YES HODL DOES MEAN HOLD! And yes... following that logic Hodling is holding and...


To give some background: The origin of the phrase comes from a bitcoin forum post in 2013 where a guy by the name of "GameKyuubi" posted a rant "as most people on internet undoubtedly do" by the end of his rant he let everyone know that he had drunk some whiskey and was drunk! Little did he know that he would misspell the title and unintentionally create a phrase so widley used in the crypto world. The title he was going for was "I AM HOLDING" he mispelled holding and wrote "I AM HODLING"


As often happens on the internet trolls descended and memes were born. Thrusting what was an innocent drunken mistake into the dictionary, we here at Crypto Kicks really do wonder how many other words in the English language came from drunken typos?